First ArPS summer School on Advanced physics

Mansoura University, Egypt, August 26 to 31, 2023



The Arab Physical Society, in partnership with Mansoura University, is organising a summer school on advanced physics that would provide an opportunity for students to deepen their understanding of physics and gain hands-on experience in a variety of topics. This summer school would be a week-long program that would take place from August 26 to 31, 2023.


Lecture Series

The program is intended for undergraduate and graduate students who have completed introductory physics courses and are interested in pursuing advanced topics in physics. The school schedule will consist of the following series of courses on advanced physics and a series of research seminars:

From Quantum Mechanics to Quantum Field Theory
Khalil Shaaban, Zewail City, Egypt
General Theory of Relativity
Al Dallal Shawqi, Ahlia University, Bahrain
Marouf Ahmed, GUC, Egypt
Introduction to Particle Physics
Binjonaid Maien, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
In addition to Seminars on:
Applications of General Relativity GTR to Black holes
Sakaji Ammar, JAS, RCSSTEWA, CTPA, ArPS, Jordan
Resummation theory with applications in quantum field theory
Shalaby Abouzeid, Qatar University, Qatar
Gravitational Waves and Exploring Early Universe
Khalil Shaaban, Zewail City, Egypt
quantum computing
Zidan, Mohammed, South Valley University, Egypt.
Computational Nano-Physics: Basics and Applications
Hameed, Mohamed, Zewail City of Science and Technology, Egypt.
New Trends and Applications in Fractal Physics
Zahran Mohsen, Mansoura University, Egypt
The school will use a combination of English and Arabic languages. Expressions, equations, and other technical terms will be in English, while explanations will be given in Arabic unless there are non-Arabic participants, in which case explanations will be provided in English.
Participants who successfully pass our evaluation during the summer school will be awarded credit certificates as recognition of their achievement.

The deadline for registration is June 15, and for fee payment is June 30, 2023

Registration fees

Egyptian: 1000 EGP
Non Egyptian: 150 $
This symbolic registration fee will be used to partially cover the cost of accommodation, meals, and program materials.
The deadline for registration is June 15, and for fee payment is June 30, 2023.



Vodafone Cash for Egyptians:
For non Egyptian by PayPal through the following link: Click here
For any inquiries, please contact:

Organized by

Arab Physics Society

Hosted by

Mansoura University


Zewail City of Science and Technology


Faculty of Science - Mansoura University